World Series Glory: 6 Memorable Moments in Major League Baseball

World Series Glory: 6 Memorable Moments in Major League Baseball

As we all know, the best moments in MLB can pass without us noticing it in a heartbeat. This is one of the most frustrating and disappointing parts for a Major League Baseball fan.

There have been all types of MLB incidents over the years. Some are legendary, and some are just humorous. We have put together a few memorable moments in MLB to prevent supporters from forgetting about them. These include all the record-breaking moments that have left a lasting impression on the game’s great history.

As you read further, you’ll embark on a journey down memory lane. When you sit together with your family, relish these legendary moments. If you are wondering about a portal where you’ll find these matches streaming, click here.

6 Memorable Moments in Major League Baseball

Given below are some of the best moments in MLB that might not retake place:

Randy Johnson against a Dove

A white dove jumped into the path of Randy Johnson's iconic 95 mph fastball as he threw it.  This caused the bird to lose its feathers.  The incident occurred on the 25th of March, 2001.

Although the occurrence made Randy Johnson feel bad, which was awful for the bird, it still stands as one of the finest moments because it is unlikely to occur again.

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4192nd Hit by Pete Rose

On 11th September 1985, Pete Rose surpassed Ty Cobb's previous hit record of 57 years, which Cobb had set in 1928 with 676 more hits. There was utter mayhem at the Riverfront Stadium. The Cincinnati team's dugout was empty, and the roaring cheers did not stop.

Fireworks filled the sky. His teammates fully surrounded Rose at first base.  Not just that,  Bobby Brown of the San Diego Padres went from the third-base dugout to personally congratulate him. 

It was the type of support that an athlete might never experience anymore. Among all the other best moments in MLB, this moment was the reason behind Pete Rose's success in the baseball industry.

Babe Ruth makes the call.

In 1932, on 1st October, Babe Ruth nodded toward center field in Chicago's Wrigley Field with a count of two balls and two hits before launching a soaring home run. This home run went high above the gestured point and turned out to be the best moment in MLB during the World Series of 1932.

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Many believe that Ruth was aiming the bat at the opposing pitcher.  Nevertheless, Ruth insisted that he had correctly predicted the greatest home runs in the history of Wrigley Field. Despite all this, the incident still makes most baseball fans smile.

The 715th home run of Hank Aaron

On 8th April 1974, Hank Aaron broke the previous record mark of Babe Ruth by hitting his 715th home run. He hit this home run on a fastball he swung at and drove over the 385 mark. This day was then added to the list of best moments in MLB. Aaron started jogging around, and two fans approached him to pat him on the back as he made his way to third base.

Hank Aaron goes on to hold other records throughout his career, including the most extra-base hits (1,477), total bases (6856), and RBIs (2297). Later, in 2007 Barry Bonds, a Giants player in San Francisco, broke this record. 

No-Hitter threw by Dock Ellis.

An extraordinary event took place on April 8, 1984. This is another example of the best moments in MLB. Something quite remarkable happened. Although, no-hitters are not entirely uncommon in the sport. However, this particular no-hitter had a unique twist to it.

The pitcher, Dock Ellis, claims to have been under the influence of LSD throughout the entire game. It's quite astounding because he wasn't even aware that it was his day to pitch until after he had taken the hallucinating drug.

Despite the challenging circumstances, with Ellis walking eight batters and striking out six, he accomplished something historic in baseball. His performance that day secured him a place in the historical records of the sport.

Generally, pitching a no-hitter in a Major League Baseball game while being high on acid is one of the most unforgettable moments in the game's history.

Carlton Waves the Ball Fair

On October 21, 1975, an unprecedented event occurred at Fenway Park during the World Series. The Cincinnati Reds, leading the series 3-2, faced the Boston Red Sox in Game 6. As the game entered the 12th inning, the score was tied. Eventually, the clock moved past midnight, and everyone's mood became tense.

The home team's catcher, Carlton Fisk, stepped up to take the lead for the inning. Fisk connected and sent the ball soaring high and deep down the left-field line on the second pitch he faced. It was an important moment in Red Sox history.


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This incredible incident, among the best moments in MLB, had a significant impact on television broadcasting and Fenway Park. Before this incident, cameramen usually went in the same direction as a well-hit shot. But Fisk's frank expression of feelings changed interest, and TV networks started to emphasize capturing the players' emotional responses on air.

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Which is the greatest moment in the history of MLB?

The signing of Jackie Robinson by the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 10, 1947, is the most famous and significant event in the history of Major League Baseball. Not just in MLB history but also in American history, people will remember this historic day.

What is the best inning in MLB history?

In a match in which they scored 18 runs in an inning, the Chicago White Stockings defeated the Detroit Wolverines back in 1883.  In 1953, the Boston Red Sox set the record for the maximum runs scored in an MLB game in the current era against the Detroit Tigers.

How rare is a no-hitter?

Only 318 no-hitters since 1876 have occurred in the game’s history. This happened at an approximate rate of two per year, making them a rare achievement for a pitcher. On May 10, 2022, Los Angeles Angels’ Reid Detmers played a no-hitter against the Tampa Bay Rays.  It was the latest major league zero-hitter by just one pitcher. The list of such incidents goes on in the book for best moments in MLB.

The record holder for the fastest pitch in the history of MLB is?

Officially, Aroldis Chapman has been declared and awarded by the Guinness World Record for the fastest baseball pitch ever thrown, reaching a speed of 105.8 mph. He achieved this feat on September 24, 2010, while playing for the Cincinnati Reds during a game against the San Diego Padres.


In conclusion, these iconic moments from various matches transformed television broadcasts. This was how the emotions of the players became of utmost importance. 

These are just a few of the best moments in MLB. All MLB fans would love to relive these moments. You can always experience the ultimate game-day immersion with  Reddit MLB Streams Live.